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Will put this behind a cut since it could contain spoilers or spoilerish activity.

The girls are supposed to have a white lighter....now that Leo is human, who is there whitelighter going to be?
I think they should bring Brody back to be their whitelighter since he is one now :D
But seriously, anyone know anything about that?
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how did leo become human?! i was so confused!
In last weeks episode he "fell from grace" when he chose Piper and the boys over the elders
charmed was on last week?! DAMNIT. sdkfnsdjkfnsdofn.
but why did the elder's make him choose?
Yea the first of like six new episodes started last week.
They made him choose because they didn't feel that he could be an elder and a family man both.
pffffftt. they suck.
Posted anonymous cause it was easier that creating--name's mikel. Since Leo was forced to follow his heart/destiny to choose as husband/father and leading to running the school (or being an uptight elder), no whitelighter has been assigned to the charmed ones.
still just me (new to groups--trying to find proof the character Prue will be back in the final)...but his 'fall from grace' was only him following which direction the most important voice pulled his soul.