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Spoilers that may or may not have been posted here before...if they have, I apologize and please feel free to delete if you want.

Leo has second thoughts about the Avatars when they establish a Utopia that removes free will and anything--or anyone--that causes conflict. Leo teams with Zankou (Oded Fehr) to stop the Avatars and reverse the change.
Jan. 30th, 2005-8pm

No Charmed February 6th. The WB will air back to back episodes of Summerland.

"Carpe Demon"

With the end of Utopia, the sisters must deal with readjusting to their old lives. Paige busies herself by focusing on finding a new teacher for Magic School. She meets an impressive candidate named Drake (Billy Zane) but is shocked to discover that he is an ex-demon. In an attempt to convince the sisters of his good intentions, Drake transforms himself into Robin Hood. However, a Sorcerer appears and casts a spell that causes Drake to believe that he really IS Robin Hood.
Convinced that a corrupt billionaire is the evil "Prince John," Drake takes him hostage, causing a media circus. The sisters must stop Drake before he is provoked into using his demonic powers nad exposing the sisters to a now-conscious Sheridan.
Feb. 13th, 2005-8pm

Julian McMahon Returns to Charmed
As reported by this site a few weeks back, Julian will reprise his role as Cole in Charmed's 150th episode. The announcement was made by David Janollari, President, Entertainment, The WB. This site has also found out that most all of his scenes will be with Holly Marie Combs, with a possibility of one scene with Alyssa Milano.
McMahon will return as Cole Turner, the half-human/half-demon ex-husband of Phoebe Halliwell (Alyssa Milano), who was vanquished in the special 100th episode. In the 150th episode, which is scheduled to air in April, Coles spirit will meet Piper's (Holly Marie Combs) spirit in the cosmic space between life with death, helping reunite her with Leo (Brian Krause). If all goes well, Phoebe's faith in love just might be restored. "Charmed has had a loyal fan base since its record-setting debut on The WB" Mr. Janollari said. "It is fitting that we are able to give these viewers the bonus of adding one of the shows most popular characters for this milestone episode."
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milestone epi?! are they hinting at something?!?
Just that it is #150....but I did read somewhere that they are writing it like it is the last season because the WB hasnt picked them up for next year yet. :( And they said they didn't want to be left with all these unanswered questions or storylines with raveled ends like they did to Angel.
what?!? *cries* noooo :(
until around what date do they have to sign Charmed on for another season before this season becomes its last?
I believe that it said (And it has been awhile since I read it so I could be wrong and it could have changed since then) The end of April or May.
damn. alright then. thanks. :)
NP hun...Check back though cause now I am on the hunt for more information...if I find anything, I will post it here. :D
haha, you got it!