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This isn't really spoilery for anything, but it does have a question about future episodes so when in doubt....cut. :D

Ok, I know that he is now gone from the show and all and has the other show he is supposed to be doing (just can't remember what it is right now) and he is also in the movie coming up of Bewitched...but does anyone know if he is making a return to Charmed at any time at all?
And I was in the hospital, and kinda on drugs while in there, lol, so I was wondering...what happened when he left the show? I mean how did they do it? Did Phoebe end her sabatical or what?
Please do not get upset with me for asking these if they have already been asked. Curiousity was just hitting me at quarter after three in the morning and it was bugging me so I had to ask. Thanks ahead of time :)
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