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Ok the husband and I were just sitting here musing over a few things on Charmed...these questions can contain spoilers so I will put it behind a cut.

Ok first question would be from the episode "Sirens Song". Todays episode on TNT. If Paige can orb things from one place to another, why didn't she just orb Piper back to her when she fell out the window? I thought it was because she hadn't gotten the hang of orbing things from one place to another but she had said prior to that in the same episode, "Do you want me to orb his butt back here?" when Leo left Piper in the attic. And the episode of Phoebe being a mermaid, she orbed the book of shadows out of the attic to the main room that they were in.
Then there was the episode from yesterday morning on TNT (Can't remember the name of it. It was the one that Piper and Leo were caught in limbo when they conceived Chris)
The darklighters arrow knicked Pipers arm and Leo made the comment of "Good thing that you are immune to poison" How was it that she was immune to poison? And if she was immune to poison, how did she become effected in the 150th episode by those thornes?
So anyone with any information for me, I would thank you greatly for that.

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